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  • As the Credent School Editor I was overwhelmed to see the response of the students to participate in the Credent Oxyopia. The reason probably was the perfect platform provided by Credent to the students to unleash their potential. I am sanguine that

    Preeti Mathur
    Mahaveer Public School C- Scheme Jaipur  
  • It is heartening to learn that CREDENT magazine conducts OXYOPIA- a talent search exam every year all over the country. Over 50000 students took part in this exam last year. OXYOPIA provides platform to the students to show case their talents and po

    Fr. John Ravi
    SJ Principal St. Xavier’s Sr. Sec. School, Jaipur
  • Oxypia – A talent search examination is organized by credent every year to find out the latent talent of students. The students of various school participants in it. The meritorious students are felicitated with merit certificates, medals and scho

    Sunita Rathore

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