अभिमान का स्वाभिमान से- By The Living Chanakya Sunil Narnaulia

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अभिमान का स्वाभिमान से- By The Living Chanakya Sunil Narnaulia

Academics alone do not create the path for a successful future. Teacher’s quality, student’s economic level, physical health and mental health plays key role in the success of student. Herein student’s mental health is first and for most factor which effects student’s growth majorly. So Career guidance, counseling and acquaintance with different courses are essential for this purpose. Now these days student commonly faces Increased Ego, Disobeying, Depression, Poor decision power, Lack of confidence, Illusion etc problems.

That’s why CREDENT designed a developing curriculum for 10 to 12 class students to increase their wisdom, confidence, right decision power, human values and ethics based on science, logics, philosophy and human behavior lead by Mr Sunil Narnaulia who is also known as The Living Chanakya( famous Brand Consultant, Motivator & Family Counselor).

Program details are as follows:

  1. Title                                     : PARICHAY
  2. Work shop duration      : 1 month class room and yearlong follow up
  3. Sessions                             : 8 (Two alternative classes in a week)
  4. Session Duration            : 1:30 hrs each session (Interactive)
  5. Practical                             : Daily
  6. Workshop assessment  : 8 as on class
  7. Follow up Assessment : 2 (after every 4 month)
  8. Student’s Seminar         : 1
  9. Batch size                          : 50 students
  10. Expected starting date  : 2nd week of April


                            Session Topics are as follows:

1.Let me know: find yourself

2.Track your GOAL

3.ANGER management


5.TIME management

6.Improve your SKILL

7.Difference between EGO & SELF RESPECT

8.Obey your TEACHERS


                For more details inquiry on 926 9999 399.


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